All anatomical specimens on display in the BODY WORLDS exhibitions are real.

They come from people who, during their lifetime, declared that their bodies should be made available after death for the training of doctors and the education of lay people.

Many donors stress that, in this way, they can benefit other people after their death. Through their selfless donation, they give us unique insights into the human body, insights which until now were reserved for doctors. For this we thank the living and already deceased body donors.

Facts & Figures

The Heidelberg Institute for Plastination runs its own body donation programme with 19,416 registered body donors (as of April 2020).

Number of body donors
Worldwide 19.416
Europa (including Germany) 18.019
Germany 17.348
America (North, Central and South America) 1.371
Other countries 26



People decide to donate their body for plastination after death for very diverse reasons:



What con I know?
What should I do? What can I hope for?
What is man?
Immanuel Kant
1724 - 1804, philosopher

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